About Us

Proper Food and Proper Coffee!

With a little help from some amazing local grocers and producers, we are pushing the boundaries on casual dining.

Breakfast should be that slap to the senses to get you prepped and ready to face the day. Lunch should be the time you stop, relax and enjoy a few incredible minutes to take stock of the day and focus your energy on staying amazing until dinner. Who says a sandwich is boring or it isn't a meal? Those people clearly haven't tried ours! We do not mess around when it comes to food - if it doesn't make a lasting impression, we don't want to serve it.

Our team of superstars aim to make your visit something to remember... If you're looking for good quality, reasonably priced, tasty food, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, then Osco's will deliver. Come and see us, we get lonely on our own.